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24 GROUP 1st subsidiaries was established in the year 2001, successfully delivered wide range projects all over United Arab Emirates and worldwide dealing professionally and providing all types of 3D element productions.

Our Services

24 GROUP, provide high quality products and services, Outdoor Media, Signs Production, Exhibition Stands and Creative production service, for special operations and commercial events. Our Skilled, professional & experienced team is able to achieve the high standards of creativity as well as the high quality of production. We understand the clients’ requirements closely and we have always fulfilled their satisfaction and gone beyond.

Out of Home Media

24 GROUP is your “out-of-home media” this term refers collectively to all forms of media outside the home that carry advertising messages for consumer audiences. Out-of-home media includes the large bulletins and posters on streets and highways, panels we see near stores, on transit vehicles, on bus shelters, in airports, and in shopping malls.

Out-of-home media has grown at almost twice the rate of in-home media over the past decade the main reason is because more and more people are spending time outside their homes, which enables out-of
home media to become an increasingly more efficient advertising conduit unlike other forms of media, out-of-home can create an impression with consumers close to a point of sale or be a constant reminder throughout the course of daily activity.

For a long time out-of-home advertising meant billboards only. then came backlighting, 3D and other spectaculars, all major advances but they were still just drive-by. Now, out-of-home seems to be in your face from the moment you step out the door in the morning till you come back.

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